I am a Mortgage Agent specializing in Pickering, Ontario.

I sell you a product that I immediately help you get rid of.
Go ahead, read it again: I sell you a product that I immediately help you get rid of.

I sell mortgages; and I sell them out of your necessity.
The typical mortgage agents out there act as mortgage originators; and if they’re simply giving you a rate and taking your application, then they are doing you a disservice.

I find you the right mortgage for your needs; now, and in the future.
Term selection, prepayment options, penalty calculation disclosure and transparency about how to pay off your mortgage sooner are the tools that I use to form the foundation of my business. After all, this is the largest debt you are undertaking in your life, and I believe that your mortgage should be managed and optimized according to what’s happening in the financial industry.

Customer service is my passion, and I bring this enthusiasm to finding my clients the best mortgage for their individual needs and goals. As an independent mortgage consultant, I have built my business on offering honest, impartial advice with strict attention to detail.

Give me a call if you’d like to learn more about saving thousands in interest over each term of your mortgage.